Music Clips

Song Lyrics

Times I’ve been caught on video:

Heather Dale concert at Pennsic, 2009:
Daughters of Atlantia, by Silence de Cherbourg and Kasia Hawkins
Valdemar’s Song (Baron and the Minstrel of the Hall), by Efenwealt Wystle

Green Dragon Inn at Gulf Wars, 2014:
Misha, by Efenwealt Wystle
Sad Song, by Truly Carmichael/Eleanor Fairchild
Washerwoman at the Ford, by Emer nic Aidan
Macha’s Curse, by Emer nic Aidan

Heather Dale concert at Pennsic, 2014:
Parting Glass (with Heather Dale and Marion Quyn), Traditional, arrangement by the Wailin’ Jennys

Known World Bardic Congress and Cooks Collegium, August 2014:
Wind on the Sea, by Gwendolyn the Graceful
Your Group’s Name Here, by Yaakov Haizrachi, embellished by Eleanor Fairchild, parody of “Your State’s Name Here” by Peter and Lou Berryman