Æthelmearc Songs

Learning Documents for Pennsic 43, Æthelmearc’s processional for opening ceremonies.

NOTES: Banners of Scarlet will be our first song out of the gate. Don’t worry about learning every single song. Scarlet and The AEthelmearc Song are the two to focus on. Lyric sheets will be handed out before we march. Feel free to print out your own copy — it is designed to be printed double-sided, folded once down the middle, escarbuncle on the inside.

Banners of Scarlet (lyricsmelody)

The Æthelmearc Song (lyricsmelody)

Sylvan March (lyrics; melody)

Æthelmearc War March (lyrics; melody)

Æthelmearc is Marching Off to War (lyrics; melody)

A Call to War (lyrics; melody to be recorded) (add’l lyrics on lyric sheet)

In Glorias Æthelmearc (lyrics; melody)


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