Monthly Archives: June 2014

Projects, projects

Current projects:

  • Website: doesn’t have to be flashy, but I at least need to get it to a place where I don’t mind sharing it around, and as of this writing, it’s not there yet. I’m only just getting started learning WordPress. Self-hosting has its advantages, but a distinct disadvantage of having your sysadmin working 60-80 hour weeks at his real job is lack of tech support being a priority, even when you’re married to him.
  • Recording: I find myself trying to figure out just how far to go with my home setup. There’s a lot that can be done on a budget, but a bigger investment gets a better sound.  I’m still trying to find the sweet spot of return on investment. I strive to Ken Theriot’s quality of recording, and he specializes in home recording, but he’s been encouraging me in a different direction acoustically than I was expecting to go, so I’m wrapping my head around the differences.
  • Pennsic prep: Need to make more garb that’ll fit. Need to repair a tent and a tent floor. Want to make banners for my tent to make it look prettier. Probably should take my sewing machine in for a tune up before starting any of that. Also, a handful of songs I want to have solidly added to my repertoire for this Pennsic.  “Where do we get ‘em” (Truly Carmichael), “Wind on the Sea” (Gwendolyn the Graceful), “Gray Pewter Mug” (Wistric Oftun), and I want to get Ja Nus Hons Pris back in active rotation. Also, “Tell my Story” (myself and Kasia/SarahScott), a piece that’s never gotten the exposure it deserves.

I might be doing some pieces for Efenwealt’s concert intermission this year again. It’d be nice to be back up on the Pennsic stage since I haven’t done it in a few years.

Sounds of Silence – Update 1

I believe I’d been in the SCA for less than 6 months when I first got the question, “So, when is your CD coming out?”  Next May will (if I have my dates correct) be 20 years since my first event. It’s high time for me to do that CD. It’s been in the planning stages for years, but I’m setting a goal of having it ready by Gulf Wars 2015.

Progress so far: I have a title! “Sounds of Silence”, as guessable from the title of this post. Most of the track list is established, and I’ve done test recordings of a few pieces. Still want to get permission from a couple other SCAdians to use their pieces. Instrumentation is sketched out and still needs to be finalized. (Most pieces are either a cappella or voice+guitar, but I also have harp, recorder, and bodhran at my disposal.) I need to scrub a bit of rust off with daily practice for a week or two, but my voice is in good shape and the songs are pretty solid. I’d like to have the initial recording done by Pennsic so I can spend the fall mixing, mastering, and re-recording as needed. January 2015 will be album cover art, layout and design, and picking a manufacturer. (Note to self, try to get a good portrait done at Pennsic to go on the cover.) Then send them into production for delivery by March 2015! If all goes according to plan (knock on wood) they’ll be available for sale at Truly’s hat shop at Gulf Wars.